Our company’s history


Foundation of ProCibernética

Initially specialized in card recording and punching, quickly becoming one of the largest providers of this service

1990 - 2000

Exploring new opportunities

Discovery of technology to prevent equipment interruptions, marking a new direction. ProCibernética became the sole partner of Stratus in Colombia, ensuring high availability and execution of critical applications for major banks in the country.

2000 - 2010

Innovation and market leadership

Pioneers in implementing the last-mile concept for telecommunications companies. Positioned as the leading Latin American company in sales of Israeli products during the first decade of the century. Recognized as the top distributor of Sun Microsystems.


Creation of the Intelligence Department

Initiative to strengthen corporate analysis and strategy. Continuous collaboration with Hitachi since 2000, consolidating a strategic alliance for technological strengthening.


Project Implementation

Collaboration with IBM on video analytics projects. Significant progress in video analysis solutions for security and other applications.


Acquisition and Expansion of ProCibernética

The company strengthens its focus on analytical solutions after being acquired.


Best New Google Partner

Culmination of a successful year reflected in this significant recognition.


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